Review Process


All submitted manuscripts are reviewed through a ‘double-blind' peer review process that means the identities of the authors are kept confidential from the reviewers, and vice versa. To make this possible, anonymized version of the manuscript are sent to referees.

1. Desk Review:

  • Submitted papers are first considered by the editor after submission. Papers that do not fall within the scope of the journal are 'desk-rejected'. In addition, papers that fail to meet a minimum threshold for quality and originality are also rejected without being sent out to the reviewers.
  • The standard procedure of an initial editorial review by the internal editorial committee consists of the content, scope, formatting, citations according to recommended Style. (Bibliographies and Notes format) and is usually completed in three to four weeks.

2. Peer Review Policy:

  • Papers passing through this initial editorial scrutiny are then typically sent out to a minimum of two referees (one national and one international). ". If one or more of these turn down the invitation to provide a review, other referees will subsequently be appointed. The authors will be informed when Editors decide further review is required. All publication decisions are made by the journal’s Chief Editor on the basis of the referees’ reports (reviewers report).
  • Please bear in mind that the peer review process takes another two- three month. Therefore, the contributors are expected to bear with us as we complete the process to ensure that the (Journal name) adheres to the highest quality standards.
  • In case if a manuscript is found to be plagiarized (see plagiarism policy) after publication, the Chief Editor will conduct a preliminary investigation, maybe with the help of a suitable committee constituted for the purpose. If the manuscript is found to be plagiarized beyond the acceptable limits, the journal will contact the author’s Institute / College / University and Funding Agency, if any.
  • We are advising all the author(s) not submit the same paper to multiple journals. Author(s) should wait for the review status of the paper.

3. Disclaimer:

  • The Editor reserves the right to copy-edit and make necessary amendments to the submitted text. The editor also reserves the right to modify or omit material if deemed unsuitable for publication. However, all responsibility for opinions expressed in articles as well as the precision of stated facts rests with the author and not with the editors of the journal.