Publication Process

                                                            PROCESS OF PUBLICATION


STAGE 1: Submission

At first stage, “Submission” is the status shown when the author submits his/ her paper. Here, no intervention from editor/ manager (managing journal) is made.

STAGE 2: Review

At this stage, “Review” (Desk and Peer Review) the status shown when the paper is reviewed at desk and sent for review to the reviewer. After that, revision is requested to author and author resubmit the article after revision. While requesting for revision, editor can choose two options i.e. first if peer review is required after resubmission OR second, peer review is not required after resubmission. Here, the status remains same as “Review” but when paper is requested for revision, a notification is shown with a warning sign; “The submission must be resubmitted for another review round”.

STAGE 3: Copyediting

At this stage, “Copyediting” is the status shown to intimate the author. Here, editor gets copyediting done.

STAGE 4: Production

After copyediting, when the paper is sent for production, the status is shown as “Production”.

STAGE 5: Scheduled

At this stage, the paper is scheduled to be published in the journal and the file goes “My Queue” tab to “Archives” tab and the status is shown as “Scheduled”.