Our Clients

Our experts have been providing quality services to individuals organizations, companies, and institutions at national & international levels. Following is just a glimpse of a select list:

  • Asian Parliamentary Assembly,
  • Muslim World League,
  • Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)
  • Al-Jazeera,
  • Bridgegate Studios, Pakistan,
  • ICRC, Pakistan,
  • Mercy Corps, Pakistan,
  • National Radio Telecom Corporation Pakistan,
  • SD Aubi Chartered Accountants, Pakistan,
  • Rawaad Al-Tarjuma, Saudi Arabia,
  • Inlingua, Germany,
  • Malteser, Germany,
  • TRIGIS, Germany,
  • Learn and Speak, Germany,
  • CNRR, Romania,
  • JRS Romania,
  • Oncall Language Services, Australia.