Chairman's Message

Dr. Inam Ul Haq Ghazi

Dear Visitors and Members of the Translation Community,


I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Center for Translation Studies & Multilingualism (CTSM). As the Chairman of this esteemed institution, it is my pleasure to address you through this message.

At CTSM, we recognize the pivotal role that translation plays in fostering effective communication, cultural understanding, and global cooperation. CTSM is dedicated to promoting excellence in translation studies, nurturing language professionals, and advancing research and innovation in the field.

We firmly believe that translation is not merely a linguistic task but a complex art that requires a deep understanding of cultures, contexts, and the power of words. CTSM serves as a hub of knowledge and a platform for collaboration, where scholars, researchers, practitioners, and language enthusiasts come together to explore the evolving landscape of translation and multilingualism.

Through our research initiatives, we strive to push the boundaries of translation studies, investigating emerging trends, technologies, and methodologies. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches and engagement with diverse fields such as literature, cultural studies, linguistics, technology, and more. By embracing this holistic perspective, we aim to contribute to the development of a robust and comprehensive translation ecosystem.

As part of our commitment to education and professional development, we offer various training programs, workshops, and seminars. These opportunities empower aspiring translators and interpreters with the necessary skills, knowledge, and practical experience to excel in their careers. We also collaborate with academic institutions, industry associations, and language service providers to bridge the gap between academia and the translation industry, ensuring our programs align with industry demands.

In addition to our educational endeavors, we actively foster a vibrant community of language professionals. Our center serves as a meeting point for networking, knowledge sharing, and mutual support. We organize conferences, panel discussions, and guest lectures by renowned experts, creating platforms for dialogue, collaboration, and intellectual growth. We believe that by connecting individuals and organizations within the translation community, we can create synergies and drive positive change in the field.

I invite you to explore our website, which provides valuable resources, information about upcoming events, and details about our programs and initiatives. We encourage you to become a member of CTSM, enabling you to access exclusive benefits and engage with a network of passionate professionals dedicated to the art of translation.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our dedicated team, esteemed members, partners, and sponsors who have played a crucial role in the success of our center. It is through their unwavering support and commitment that we continue to thrive and make a meaningful impact in the realm of translation studies and multilingualism.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I encourage you to join us in our journey to shape the future of translation and multilingual communication. Together, let us celebrate the richness of languages and bridge the gaps that divide us.

Warm Regards,


Chairman CTSM,

Ex-Founder Chairman Department of Translation

International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan



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